Monday, 1 September 2014

Important Fuel And Oil Specifications For Tecumseh HM80 Engine

In order to operate your Tecumseh HM80 engine you need to make sure that right type and right amount of fuel  and oil is used. With the proper mixture of fuel and high quality oil you can run your machine’s engine like absolutely new for quite a long period of time. Here are some of those most important fuel and oil specifications for your tecumseh vector carburetor explained in detail.

Always opt for high quality and clean oil that is detergent based

·         One of the most important things to do is to make sure the only detergent based high quality and clean oil is being used. You can refer to original Tecumseh engine guide for a recommended oil list.
·         If you are doubtful about the correct type of oil, then you can get in touch with the nearest Tecumseh power servicing dealer. You can even ask them about the special formulated oils.

tecumseh carburetor identification

Fuel should always be unleaded regular or unleaded premium

  While using fuel inside your Tecumseh engine you need to take care that only unleaded regular or unleaded premium fuel is being used. Leaded fuel can severely affect the performance of the engine and can cause damage to the internal parts.
·        You also need to consider that the oil and fuel should never mix. If this happens the engine can stop working and it becomes really difficult to clean the internal surface.
·     There are many people who use fuel, which consists of Methanol. It should be strictly avoided because Methanol is based on wood alcohol and can cause damage to the engine.
By simply following the above mentioned important points it is very easy to get maximum performance out of the Tecumseh HM80 engine and will be able it for a longer period of time.

For more information just log on to this online guide called as There is almost every bit of information related to Tecumseh engines and carburetors made available through this portal. You can also search for information related to parts lookup table, tips for repair and servicing and proper diagrams for a detailed look.


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